Reducing food poverty, reducing food waste.

We are committed to stopping food going in the bin. We collect surplus food from supermarkets and give it out for free to anyone in the community. No referrals needed, no questions asked – everyone is welcome, whether you have a specific financial need or have just forgotten an item of shopping.

We are located at the side entrance of the Honiton Family Church, accessible by going down the left hand side of the church or from Lace Walk Car Park.

Food can only be claimed on the days we run sessions.

We run sessions multiple days a week from the Honiton Family Church, where you can come and collect the food you have ordered on our website. We also offer a delivery service, but please only use this if you are absolutely unable to come down and collect it yourself.

Our sessions run:

Mondays – 8:00pm-9pm
Tuesdays – CLOSED
Wednesdays – CLOSED
Thursdays – 8:00pm-9pm
Fridays – 8:00pm-9pm
Saturdays – CLOSED
Sundays – 4:30pm-5:30pm

A special thanks to: